Best Companies Accreditation


We’re pleased to announce that we are aspire has been accredited as a Best Companies 1 Star organisation, meaning that we’re ‘very good’ at employee engagement.

The Best Companies accreditation has been awarded as a result of a company-wide colleague survey which was undertaken this year. We wanted to know how colleagues really feel about where they work, and what we can do to make we are aspire the best possible place to work.

The b-heard survey is specially designed for that purpose. It’s a set of 70 academically designed questions based on ‘8 factors of workplace engagement’. It’s completely secure and confidential, so colleagues were free to say how they really feel.

The results showed that colleagues were generally happiest with three areas of their working lives: the company they work for, the teams they work in, and the feeling that they are giving back to the community in their role.

Whilst this is a very pleasing result, the most important aspect is that data we get from Best Companies will highlight some areas where we can do more as an employer. We have already implemented some changes as a result of the survey and we will continue to make changes in 2020 to make we are aspire an enjoyable, engaging and fulfilling place to work.