Bring a Pound Day for Dougie Mac

On Friday 21st September we supported Dougie Mac’s Bring a Pound Day; raising money to help this fantastic local charity continue the amazing work it does in the community.

The premise of the day is simple. All it requires is for colleagues to bring a £1 coin with them to work – just a small donation to make a big difference to families in need across Staffordshire – and of course everybody at we are aspire and other businesses across the region were happy to get involved.

On top of asking colleagues to bring a pound into the office, we wanted to do that little bit more to raise some funds for the charity. So, as it was a Friday and we were all due a calorific end to the week, we decided to put on a bake sale!

Colleagues from across the company put on their aprons and whipped up some tasty treats for the whole office to enjoy. We had a delicious array of cakes, cookies and muffins to tempt the most persistent dieters. We even convinced a lion and a Minion from Dougie Mac to indulge in a cookie and a cake – re-fuelling them to continue their hectic journey around Staffordshire, after they popped along to thank us in person.

We were delighted with the result; managing to raise more than £150 for Dougie Mac over the space of a couple of hours. This added to the fundraising that took place across Staffordshire, with businesses and people raising over £50,000! A fantastic effort all round!