Cupcake Day in support of Alzheimer’s Society

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? At Aspire Housing we certainly do! And what better excuse to satisfy our sweet tooth than in support of a fantastic charity close to our hearts.

On Friday 22nd June we celebrated Cupcake Day – an initiative conceived by Alzheimer’s Society to raise funds for those living with dementia across the UK.

Our dedicated cupcakers created a tuck shop of tasty treats for us all to spoil ourselves on Friday, but the fun didn’t stop there! Seven brave volunteers stepped forward to help boost the fundraising… by offering to be ‘smooshed’ in the face with a cake in the name of charity!

Workmates dug deep in their pockets to vote for the unlucky (or should that be lucky?) recipient of a victoria sponge face mask, but in the end it was Ian Gleave, Group Head of HR & Business Services, who soared to the top of the polls and accepted his fate.

Ian was a great sport and took the punishment in good humour, even if he did appear slightly less enthusiastic about the situation than the designated ‘smoosher’ Ronni Bryan!

Ian said: “Many of our colleagues work tirelessly in aid of Alzheimer’s Society, so when a request went out for volunteers to put themselves up for a cake in the face I decided to make a small gesture of support. I’m still not sure if I won or lost the competition!”

Alzheimer’s Society aims to create a landscape where those affected by dementia are supported and accepted, able to live in their community without fear or prejudice. More than 200 members of staff at Aspire Housing are Dementia Friends, providing better support and greater awareness in our communities.

Patricia Roberts, Older Persons Strategic Lead at Aspire Housing and Dementia Champion, said: “Dementia Friends is a social action movement that aims to change people’s perceptions of dementia by turning understanding into action. Whilst dementia is not a natural part of ageing, we know that one in six people over the age of 80 have dementia and with an ageing population, we need to transform the way everyone acts and talks about the condition.

“At Aspire we have 210 Dementia Friends, six Dementia Champions and are working with local community groups to provide information sessions. Cupcake Day is important as there are currently 850,000 people in the UK currently living with dementia and the money we raised will help to find a cure, improve care and offer help and understanding for people affected by dementia.”

We are delighted to have raised £312.60 on Friday and would like to thank all the generous staff members who donated and took part.

Another photo of Ian Gleave on Cupcake day.