Halloween Spooktacular

This week, we celebrated Halloween in the we are aspire office, and we had a ghoulishly good time doing it!

The cackling of witches could be heard down the halls, as colleagues took part in the fancy dress competition. There were some close runners up in the contest, including a black cat, a couple of witches from Hogwarts, and even a cereal killer (yes, you read that correctly… the only victims in danger from this costume were Tony the Tiger and Coco the Monkey).

But the prizes for the outstanding winners ultimately went to Ronni, for her incredible portrayal of a traditional witch, and Glenn, for his terrifying Grim Reaper costume – he even wired up his own electronic mask!

We also had a Spooky Snack Stall available for everybody to enjoy. There were no tricks on offer here; only treats, with a selection of chocolate orange cookies, sugar skull cupcakes, zombie brain cake, and much more! All the funds raised from the snack stall were donated to Realise charity.

We hope you all got up to some suitably haunting activities this week – we know we had frightfully fun time at our Halloween Spooktacular!