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Our Vision : Building Better Futures by putting People First

Three distinct but complementary businesses form we are aspire; Aspire Housing, PM Training and Realise charity. Together, we blend commercial expertise with social purpose and revitalise communities by providing homes, training, employment and support.

In 2017 we were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Promoting Opportunity, a first in our sector.

As a group, we are focused on Building Better Futures, by putting People First. We do this by living our values; being ambitious, creative and collaborative and always striving to work in a smarter, simpler, slicker way.

Aspire Housing is a leading housing provider, place shaper and property developer.

We are a financially strong business. Profits are reinvested in new homes, in revitalising communities and in a comprehensive range of innovative support services, designed to transform lives.

PM Training is a leading training provider and social enterprise.

We are experts in preparing young people for work, supporting adults into employment, creating practical apprenticeships, helping organisations to up skill their workforces and enabling local areas to thrive.

Our Homeworks and Artworks activity provide learners with unrivalled hands-on work experience and deliver services for other organisations.

PM Training is the largest provider of apprenticeships for young people in Staffordshire.

The Realise charity is the Aspire charity.  

With gift aid from PM Training and donations from local people and business, our charity provides valuable support to help young people to progress in their personal development, education and gain employment.

We help people to overcome barriers to skills, employment and health, and provide targeted support for disadvantaged communities.

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Our Strategy

Our strategy is to maximise the impact of all parts of the group, to ensure our neighbourhoods prosper.

Everything we do, in Aspire Housing, PM Training and Realise charity will focus on our customer. We will do this with a strong focus on adding value in the communities of North Staffordshire.

We will do this through a number of key themes:

1. Governance and engagement

2. Our culture

3. Our resources

4. Our neighbourhoods

5. Our housing offer

6. Our skills offer

7. Our charity

8. Our measures

Find out more about our strategy by downloading our Corporate Strategy Guide at the bottom of this page.

Our Values

We know that our values have a major influence on our people and their behaviours and attitudes.

We are committed to ensuring that our values are fundamental in helping our staff decide on the right course of action in all circumstances and with all stakeholders.

We know that aligning the behaviours and attitudes to our stated vision and purpose is one of the key levers to successfully creating the right culture.

we are

Challenging ourselves to test the boundaries of conventional thinking and go the extra mile for our customers and communities for results that exceed expectations.

we are

Looking to improve our solutions and create new original versions with even better outcomes for our customers, partners, colleagues and communities.

we are

Working together, sharing knowledge, ideas and best practice with a collective passion, energy and mutual respect – all of which ensures we are Building Better Futures.

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